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Dear NCsoft

First, i wanted to say a few things that need to be changed and fixed and this this just my own personal opinion and suggestions.

1. Please remove the item to create CC groups, this item is killing raids because people are abusing this item to steal loot and has created a mis-trust between players and is not helping the issue for doing raids. 

2. I know alot of people have been complaining about the drop rate, and to be honest the drop rate always was way to low this i dont mind if kept low. But the spoil nerf needs to be changed, with the good spoil rate this allowed people to farm mats much more easier and craft items. It sucks that people who dont have tons of time to play or bot can have any chance to earn money or craft anything. With the spoil rate nerfed it makes it almost pointless to have a spoiler class with rates of spoil are like 1 in every 50 mobs. 

3. The xp loss on death is at 10%, first as we all know it was supossed to be 4%. Also, the VIP 4 of 20% reduction on death is not working. This needs to be fixed and there should be some kind of compensation here (like i said before my opinion and suggestions).

Other then that things in the game are enjoyable and look forward to playing each day. Thanks again NCsoft for creating a classic server and its been a blast.

Best Regards,

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If only all feedback posts were like this, things would be much better.

Now, regarding xp penalty, I know the patch notes are wrong since people are losing 10%. But one thing to keep in mind is 10% may actually be the correct number for low level characters. When I played back in the day (Interlude, which admittedly is a bit newer than what classic is based on), the xp penalty started big and went down as you leveled. I know Juji mentioned level being a factor of the penalty formula on stream, so perhaps they'll take that formula and just inform people of how things actually work as opposed to taking a static 4% penalty.

Aside from that, I agree on 2 if spoil is so low. As for 1, I can't comment as I have no knowledge of that.

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