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make Lineage 2 great again!


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@Hime, @Juji just do it!

the potential is here.

Skelth might had better drop rate but when it started was way more unplayable and everyone that has played there on launch may confirm that (or may not).

PK everywhere, stuns to drop gear. one clan ruled the server almost instantly.

now we have a more pure start than skelth had with way more people.

problems like the ones that exist now can and should be fixed (i hope :D) but other than that i don't compare it with Skelth because i wouldn't want Skelth's launch. it was so worst...


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Sorry to say it, but at this moment, if I had to bet on one of these servers (excluding classic club since it has the best cards hands down right now), I'd still put my money on Skelth, because

A) a lot of people are coming here for nostalgia reasons


B) Before G.o.D. expansion, this game has always been subscription-based and absolutely zero P2W. This is exactly what NCwest isn't and it's exactly what Skelth is right now. 

After the initial hype dies, and after people realize that this server simply CAN NOT run without being heavily cash-dependent, I think a major ammount of people are going to search for alternatives... Those who who want just to chill out on classic without paying any money will go to classic club, those who won't mind the 10€ a month will go to Skelth

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My money is on the NA servers here! I think all the choices with no drop for white, no auto macros, no super P2W shop are just spot on.

I get the feeling that they really care.

There are technical difficulties and stuff that could be adjusted that just takes a lot of time. I am 100% sure that they are all working as hard as they can to make this the best classic experience they can. I imagine them being SUPER LOADED with tasks right now and just trying their best to solve all issues and keep their customers happy. For them it's a job. Think about your own job when critical situations have occurred and you work as hard as you can to make things right but you only hear people complain that you should have anticipated it and work harder solving it.

So far I have had a very good experience in the game although I also didn't have many of those frustrating issues that people had to deal with. (If I had them I would also personally be mad) Yes the drop rate is a bit low but I think with a slight tuning of it it will all good. :)

Let's stop all the doomsday talk here on the forum and focus on how we can make this game and community a great experience for everyone. In some days/weeks everything will have settled and solutions should be in place for all the critical issues.

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