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On the day that the server was going to start my package disappeared from the account, NCsoft took 4 days to respond to my ticket and cancel the purchase, so it was canceled I bought 4k from NCoin to buy the package for 2,400. But I still have an error, as if I already had the package in the account and I'm not! I can not buy it and within 5 days they did not answer my ticket! What should I do?

Please help! @Hime @Juji @NCWest


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Contacting Support was the right thing to do in this case. Please note that they are responding to requests in the order they receive them and that updating or bumping your ticket will send it back to the end of the ticketing queue resulting in longer response times. Please make sure to enter all relevant information as clearly as possible before you submit your ticket and then wait for a response. 

Thank you!

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