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Patience pays off!

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Seraphicas    8

Glad I didn't buy into all the hype they tried to generate about L2 Classic Launch. Having experience with this company and their shady practices for years, something told me they'd try something, anything to pull a fast one. Boy were my instincts right! I sincerely hope that any of you folks playing don't buy into the idea that this was not planned. That somehow it was an error and they didn't know. This company is nothing but lies and deceit and has been for a long time now. Shame too, they have had some amazing titles over the years and they have somehow found a way to drop the ball on EVERY SINGLE ONE! The saddest part is aside from development of these games. Amateur enthusiasts on private projects somehow can run and administrate the games better. Watch the livestream they put out before launch, it's all over their faces. NCSoft and all current employees, get out into a new venture, you guys have become/are nothing but a really bad joke.

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marcysiek    93

Yeah they just want to make fast $$$, sell many launch packs etc. they dont care if server dies in month, they will open new one, over and over again, they do it since 2004.. lol

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