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About random(?) bans


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@Hime @Juji

As i see by reading support team's replies to other player ban issues, most of the cases are permanent bans due to 3rd programm use.

My character was also banned. I know that i did not use any kind of programm for any reason (not even for ping) and i don't really care about anyone else's opinion.
As i understand your antibot software detects traces or something of programms like these on computers and gives autoban even if that programm doesn't even running atm.

-It would be professionaly to post what should someone do to be sure that his computer is clear to access your servers. A lot of ppl using the pc that i am using to join your server..how i know that it's "clean" and what does your antibot system consider ok or not ok? 

I recreated my character (it was faster to get him in the same lvl/equip than waiting support's team reply) and i want to ensure that the same thing is not going to happen again.

If you don't know the reason of these bans feel free to post it and let us know...it's not that bad :)


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17 minutes ago, Nerferu said:

botters has no right to cry.

if you do not use bot you will have no problems.

It’s just bullshit it takes a week to get unbanned for doing nothing. You are lucky it hasn’t happened to you or you’d be singing something different 

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I was home and playing then I log off and went to my GF house in the meantime while I was in the bus I bought some NCoins from my mobile phone then when I I tried to log from GF house I got locked for suspicion etc ... seriously its been 48 hours without a reply ... Such a shame I've been waiting years for NCwest to launch a classic server ..

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