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Qeue... Qeue... Qeue... The client will be closed.

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Nice servers you have there NC West, very nice servers they can't even hold 6k people online &  even if you log you might dc at random even when you are active, is that the new start you wanna do? with those servers? with players unable to log & play? did you ever wonder why so many people who used to play in private servers laugh at you & they say that they have seen much better support & capacity in private servers? because that's how it is there is private servers with over 10k capacity, what is those cheap pathetic servers you went & launch the game from? is this going to continue for long? what about later when we will have obligation to our clans to be there in a specific hour in order to take part in some event like siege/Epic boss w/e & we won't be able to log in the game & we will be stuck like now in qeue screens? if you seriously don't do something about this situation tomorrow in the maintenance will be like saying to everyone who can't log "we don't want you go play something else.." & people will start quitting because there is no reason to waste their time when they can't even log to the game... & as I'm thinking we were w8ing for this for so long what a disappointment.

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A bunch of mercenaries!

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why are you wasting your time then? i read ppl trying to enter in a game for hours, dude this company doesnt care about you or anyone, only the money in your wallet, stop complaining and bite it, or go play something else.

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