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Your client will close?

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1 hour ago, wondershroom said:

stil closing client problem !

Please fix it. After yestrdays update I am still UNABLE to login. If you will coninue doing update like this, you will loose eaven more players and money. This sh*** didn't happen once on WOW or LOL ...



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yeah happens the same, I tried logging in like 6 times, everytime with 500+ people in queue, once it even gave me opportunity to enter PIN and then bleeped me with "The client will close" notification... this whole game is one BIG bleepIN BUG.

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This is really a major problem. It might look okay on the first glance because the servers are always full, but the problem is that:

1) Everyone has this issue, so most people just stay afk in game instead of logging off


2) NCwest is unable to fight the bots, so the game is literally filled with them

So at the end of the day, even if there's almost 14k people across the 3 servers, the ammount of actually active players is significantly lower. The problem is, that the game servers are occupied by boxes, bots and afkers while active people just quit while NCwest is unable to deal with these issues.

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