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VP maintaining poting price


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Now, we all  know there are not many players , at least low-lvl players (<104lvl).

NC west, I know you are trying many things and recently opened classic server.

But I think vitality maintaining potion should be much cheaper (at least for those who are low lvl). Now it is 160 N coin per an hour for everyone.

But that is like 2 euro per 1 h hunting. Don't you think that is way too much expensive for lvling up? especially those who hunt without any macro, bot programs, and big clan gang helpers in current situation?

There were many events regarding XP (and too much XP boosting buffs and items). After that, no one except for very few ppl, want to grind with 0 xp boost (I'm pretty sure if u were not a staff of NC, you would never play, ever). Still, I am willing to buy something from Ncoin store to prevent this delays and personally want to grind with fun by myself, (not as a group). But, 2 euro per an hour for less (soloing w/o macro) than 1% of xp is way too much for low lvl players (here i say <104). And I am pretty sure it is against your policy considering next update (which is about 110lvl gears).

It should not be easy to go top lvl. But at least would you please make a XP/maintaining portions for players <104/105 lvl cheaper than now? To enjoy this game, you need to be more gentle to low lvl players in live server, too. And comparing things to Korean server or Russian server isn't just right. So please think about it.

You may have to see how Lineage 1 works. On the real top lvls, it is almost impossible to lvl up and below that lvl, it is not easy but relatively challenge-able to reach. So regardless of the items, players do not die by a few shots in dual and sieges ( if you dont trust me go to see those). In this manner, the PVP dmgs by item and lvl should be decreased. Just think about that for better game please.





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