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PETITION: Give 7-Day 100% drop increase rune to all accounts while drop rate is still being reviewed


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Hi everyone,


There's been lots of clamoring these past few days about the current drop rate and adena rate that we all are experiencing. Some of the community members on the discord channels helped track down the cause of these issues.


At first, we thought maybe NCWest was using drop/adena rates from the 1.0 classic, although our data mining revealed that the Adena rate was even lower for 1.0 and the item drop rate was substantially better.


With the help of current and former members of the EU classic team, we were able to determine that two sets of drop/adena rates are  distributed by NCSoft. One set for P2P servers (EU/RU/KR) and one set for F2P servers (TW/JP/NA). In that respect, the Adena rate on North American Classic is very close to what Taiwan and Japan have. The key differentiator between TW/JP servers and NA servers is that TW and JP servers encourage users to purchase VIP by increasing drop rate to 350% of base rates. This increase brings F2P drop rates in line with P2P drop rates. Although adena stays deflated, the F2P economies can flourish by relying more heavily on spoilers, crafters, and the market. For example on Skelth a top B grade weapon currently sells for 14kk to 20kk. On L2 Classic Japan, a top B weapon sells for 8kk to 12kk adena.


We believe that eventually @Juji and his team will be able to work with Korea to solve this issue, but in he short term, the player base needs some incentive to tie them over until a long term solution is found.


Proposed Short-term Solution: Put a free 7-Day 100% drop increase rune in the NCStore for all accounts while drop rate is still being reviewed. Limit this to 1 per account, similar to how the spirit shot package worked.


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After reading some of the other reviews i'm really on the fence about the adena rates, there's a lot of incentive to instead just raise the overall drop and spoil rate as long term that will probably be more helpful to everyone economy wise. Regardless of their choice something does need to be done.

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