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The client will be closed. Do you want to pay?


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Like the title. Now i cant login (spend 5 hour) and i can not even get to the char selection :SSSS they send me "The client will be closed..." at 1 player (or 2 4 )in the "queue"

I really need to pay for play? tomorrow is the maintenance in NCSOFT i really hope it is fixed.

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I've yet to be able to get in since launch with the same thing. At this point I try less and less each day and likely to just move to another game now. I'm not interested in the live version of the game or interested in an empty server. I keep checking on here hoping someone figured a work around, but it looks like its just on ncsofts side to fix it. If its in time for all the players its turning away right now we will see. 

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