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Error in the loggin and exaggerated loss of exp

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this is too frustrating, can not be that I have to wait more than 1 hour to be able to login, I get a queue of 450 player and when finally it's time to login and put my PING I get "the client will be closed" is supposed What are Ncsoft, the creators of L2, how can they have this big problem? I'm going to play the server, and so much trouble with the subject of the VIP, I refuse to pay a VIP until they do not fix the server well, it can not be that I can not log on and have to bank that when my pj dies I lose 12% for death in level 21, this is too sad, please solve and give a response

sorry for my english, but use the google translator, since my english is very bad, I hope you can understand what my point is

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