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Unable to log into website


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I would like to know if the issue of flagging people so they cannot log into website for unknown reasons are being worked on?  I put a ticket in, they fixed one but did not fix the other.  This means I can't apply ncoins or buy ncoins.  This honestly makes me scared to play, is it going to happen again?  Will they unblock it next time?  Will they unblock it now?  


My fear is that I have no idea when it will happen again, or why it even happened to begin with?  

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My account was lucked for 5 days, yesterday when i got unlocked i could NOT apply my CHronicle Pack code because there was non.
Transaction history  showing Chronicle Pack 30$, but i didn't get any coded or it was applied to my l2 account. 

ps this is only happened with 1 account where i used Credit Card instead of paypall, 

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