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Show your gear.


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Farmed mobs for 3 hours in SODA, got a clannie the weapon they needed (top NG)

Farmed mobs for 3DAYS in eleven forest and also got a full drop weapon for another clannie.  


I think the full drops are fine,however the adena rate is terrible.

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Aren't we all pretty much wearing the same armor? If you are 25 or higher you're probably wearing the Clan Oath armor. otherwise, whatever you got from the level 20 guest.

Show us your gear, lol. Good try but, you didn't include a pic of your gear either OP.

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My gear is nothing special but I have 380k Adena at lv25 (2x toons at lv25).

I have leveled 6 toons to level 20 (pairs of two).  I use quest chain up to lv18 then grind the DE quest to 19.5, do class change, repeat.  It takes me about 2-3 hours to take a pair to lv20 without using any XP items (I am lv4 VIP on both my accounts though).  Each pair gets me around 100k by 20.  I'm not sure if I will do another pair or start on my main duo.  

Either way I'm not too concerned with adena anymore.  After doing this 3x times it's a pretty steady and reliable income method.  Obviously that may change when I get close to 40 but I think if I just go slow and steady (as opposed to rushing using all boost) I bet I will have enough for either C Grade armor or low C weap at 40.     

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