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Tank's equipment for elven farming


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i wonder tank's basic equipment for elven farming.

it is possible with +8 general eternal h-set?

and abundance lv1, anakim, diamond3, tanza3, apo 2sa(body+hp.haste)...

if you are elven farming tank, teach me your equipment plz.

thank you.

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Problem in Elven farming is wide. All depend on gear, level and with whom you play (random or CP). 

Is in force that: highl lvl is not enought if bad gear

                        top gear is enought even if low lvl

                        random pt is always lottery

                        good CP is good CP

But back to your gear. I have eternal set +10 PVE, tauti weapon SA sigil, soul tezza, AQ and baium, blessed antaras, 7S talisman, abu 1, fraction talismans +10, longing, diamond 4, tanza 3, noble circlet of grace +4, savior mask, guard agation ... I am shilien templar (105 lvl) that is not so good to survive as other tanks. But with this gear i have some problems there but I can exp in Elven with pt. Also need subclass, dualclass on max. With good geared pt you can survive if you take only 1 group of mobs, 2 groups are more difficult. In random pt is a lottery: one time good, second time bad because if you manage pt depending on level, equasion higher lvl player=good gear not work :|

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+8 general eternal h-set?

and abundance lv1, anakim, diamond3, tanza3, apo 2sa(body+hp.haste)


Your gear is adequate for farming 1 spot on elven if your party consists of at least 2 good feohs to stun mobs.

Try over-enchanting raise shield to +12 on time




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You can tank there even with +8 Blessed TW set, abundance HG1, Anakim and Diamond 3.As mentioned above, the important thing is to have a good damage control from the mages (such as the faint effect from the Storm Screamer AOE).Of course a +8 Bloody Heavy set will serve you much better :D

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Right. You need strong feohs first(or even stronger archers as addition). Weapon for pve tank is enough apo - 2 SA with HP, better third SA HP too.

If your feohs do enough damage, then you can survive in what you said.

Again, never join pathetic parties. Make a list of strong feohs/yuls you met in game and avoid weak idiots.

General rule: never join elven pt with sumoner/evi/dagger/ or x2 tyrrs. In 99% they are losers who can't afford proper parties.

One tyrr is great though, to pull mobs for THREE strong feohs :) 

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