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Great Job So Far


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Wow you guys finished the first maintenance with only a 30 minute delay Impressive!

I have been a diehard lineage 2 fan since prelude, always loved the grind. I remember how fun it was finally hitting 20 and running around in your half *** gear fighting bears and zombies hoping for that drop or making a spoiler and going to spoil mobs so you could craft.  Game was definitely a grind. I loved every bit of the pvp and pve.

However.. And im sure this is going to be met with many omg go to private servers or wow you cant hack it this is what it was like comments.. But no it wasnt and if you do some research you'll realize that too.

Upon reaching level 24 on 4 character and 20 on another (I have made about 5 more level 20s since then because that seems to be the best way to gain money besides grind mobs for 10(exaggerated) adena a kill) i have finally been able to afford my Mage Staff woohooo.  Great yeah I know but its still a bit lack luster when you realize you are better off grinding lvl 20s as opposed to actually farming for hours to get complete garbage adena rates which amount to about half of any database inclusing the ones dating back to c1(Im no stranger to the grind, I have pen on BDO NA which isnt that easy of a task)

I beg everyone before you judge those who are complaining go look and find a monster that spoils around 70% in every single chronicle and watch as you proceed to get maybe 5% spoil rate on the valuable materials instead of what its actually supposed to be. Then go spoil hunter bears which are 70% spoil antidotes and watch as it actually reflects the proper rates of spoil...

This wasnt an accident, this wasnt a glitch in the matrix, this is full out greed. I could grind with shots in prelude(yes i spammed that ss button because there was no auto shot back then) and would break roughly even maybe lose a little bit including buying that tp back from cruma and a couple health pots for emergencies.  This? This joke of a "classic" good luck affording enough shots to grind for a couple hours and then maybe be able to buy back 1/8 of what you used.

NC is going to milk this until its dead "we need to test more" on the stream they talked about how much fun they had playing the game etc.. Well apparently they didnt make it passed level 10 because they would see the server for what it really is, a cash grab, unless they know and just dont give a shit.

I just lost several friends to play this game with... Why? Because we had to play a week with complete garbo rates and blanket statements for hope that things would change and now its "within the week because we need to test"... Really sit down and think about that, cant make a change because they need to go through all of these tests... How did the rates gets so jacked up in the first place if they went through all of the testing... Oh wait because they wanted $$$ so they didnt care. 

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Oh btw.. Their 24 to 30 hr response time is "we saw tour ticket and replied saying we saw it and will get back to you" ive need waiting 3 days since they "we see your ticket and will get back to you asap" reply that they gave me

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