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Constant Disconnects once in game


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There are SO many buggs with this server right now.


The queue bugg is still not fixed, but lets say it was.

My other biggest problem is :

Once I open more than 1 client, the 2nd one thats not the active window will DC. this makes AFK shop sales impossible..

The theory is you are kicking Non-VIP accounts randomly to let VIPs logg in... if thats true thats messed up.

If you servers cant hold capacity, how about you disable AFK fishing and free up the 2,000 people AFK fishing in harbor/


Also once you link a new IP to your account, it breaks the ability to logg into the website with that account. So I can no longer add Ncoin on my main........ please fix this stuff, its breaking the game for real

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I am having one of the same issues.  I can have one client open, but as soon as I have the second one open the non active window goes white and stops responding.  It happens with a third as well.  I have tried repairing, restating my computer and it has not fixed this issue.  This happened once or twice before the patch.  Now it is every time I try to dual or triple box.  I have 16 gb of ram and a GTX 1070 graphics card so it shouldn't be my pc. 

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