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So today we had maintenance, did anything change?


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Other than the bugged SS quest did anything else change?

They said they are gonna make the client to stay open when the queue ends but in the end they fail to do so..

The adena, item, spoil rates are still broken as it was, nothing change.

What about the infinite queue lines that last for hours & hours from 2:00 PM to 2:00 AM GMT+3 & no one can log & play during those times?

I'm sure you all know already, the servers still have them & people are still unable to log & play during the day & until very late at night.

So in the end what was the reason for the 2 & half hours the maintenance last? I seriously don't know just to shut down & bring back the servers & fix a bugged quest, that's it.

At this point I would seriously like to know from all those who is responsible there is no one who feel a little shame for this utterly disappointing situation that continue even after a 2 & half hour maintenance that didn't improve the situation in the slightest?

I don't know what else to say other than to express for one more time my disappointment, I didn't expect a company like NC to do so poorly in the management of a server for a game that is 15 years old, at this point this is beyond pathetic & someone must take responsibility for all that...

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Oh and im still waiting for my ticket reply, 96ish hours. Good thing they have 24 to 30 hr responses.. Oh wait they did respond in a day but it was to tell me that they saw the ticket and will get back to me when they have time. El oh fricken el what a joke

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