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Hello guys, after todays maintenance i was unable to launch my game. when i click update it starts to update and stops at 10% and sends out a window  of update error. Cannot read file. it says please check if the file is used by another program or if antivirus  program is denying access and then restart the launcher. ive got no antivirus that can deny anything or ive no clue what program might be running any file of l2. like literally no clue. i tried to restarc comp several times but it doesnt work still same... maybe try repair files?

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I'd say u go to the L2 main folder and try to unckeck any file (under properties) that have the "Read only" attribute checked.

Something similar happened in Aion (another of their games)  a long time ago , and that used to be a temporary fix :P see if it helps ya hehe.


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