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the only problem we have in live servers, is the unfriendly game with the new players. all is based on higher lvl players and when new ppl come to play, they leave when Paulina twilight set disappear. and thats why because u can't play live servers without spend real money. many ppl buy adenas to other players for real money, everybody knows it.

I was lucky when I start on chronos because a friend invited me and he gave me stuffs for free. 

Dev team should think about this. players get bored about don't have gear to farm instances because u don't get adena in quest or drop. and spoil and crafting is nerfed as hell... 

no new players = low population in live servers. please, look at Aion. take the goods ideas from them about the 6.2 coming this month on NCwest. HEAR US. we are ur players. without players there's no server. don't commit the same mistake as MxM. 

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