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Classic Leveling Guide?


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Good evening/Buenos Noches/Boa Noite etc.

I am a new player to Lineage II Classic. I just hit level 20 and completed my class transfers for: 

1. Orc Raider

2. Dark Elf Oracle

3. Dwarf Scavenger

I notice there aren't anymore single quests which I have heard was the case. However I want to start a discussion here inquiring about what YOU do after 20.

-Do you begin grinding 17-24 zones for whole item drops?

-Do you complete adena repeatables over and over?

Level 38 is the goal.

Let's chat

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Farm adena quests, get at least a top NG weapon on your raider.  Grinding for full drops is fine too, but much less reliable.

You can get random parties, but most will only take one character of yours at a time, so depending on how much you want to level all 3 together it may not make sense all the time.  Can always be a good break when you're tired of soloing though.

At 25 you'll really want to do the moon armor quest, free D grade armor set for all your characters.

After that, will have to just find spots to grind - haven't played a melee here so can't comment there

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