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Vet returning but still lost


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I returned to lineage after a good 12 years ( since WOW release) Loving the game all over again but still a bit perplexed. Why is everything so expensive for shops and player stores. I'm at 19 been grinding for a few days now after work not going hard and i'm just short 20k adena is the grind just super real or did i miss something.

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Even in old L2, you had to focus on adena before everything else for your first character. Classic looks harder simply because it is so easy to gain XP via progression quest chain (while barely earning any adena doing these).

You should carefully review the quest list (the quest list page is outdated in both RU and EU wikis, but individual quest pages in RU are up-to-date) and focus on maximizing adena gain; it isn't too hard to have more than 100k by reaching level 20, more if you die from time to time (thanks to XP loss).

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