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Infested with bots


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So I don't even know where to post this, hope it is the right section. 

Ever since the launch, I've seen more and more bots as the days go by, today I saw 3 bot parties in just one place (partisan) Imagine in the whole map how many bot parties there are. Me alone without searching for them I have seen them, why is there not a GM searching for bots? They are so easy to find. Auto follow, auto attack, weird movement all following 1 player. Sometime they even get stuck and move around like a robot. 

I have fraps of one party (starting) to bot. Who do I send this to get them banned?

Or if botting is allowed just say so, so we can all bot knowing ncsoft is not spectating in game and just waiting for players to report them. @Hime @Juji

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5 minutes ago, existenz said:

they will never do anything about bots. just some bans here and there. eventually these servers will have 80% bots and 20% people

Most of which (people) will be afk fishing in Giran.

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Indeed. I would love to see the people posting in thread spend a day trying to find / ban all the bots ingame. =)

Sucks though. I saw a couple 4-person groups in OB yesterday, with a solo dwarf. I do not believe they were bots, probably 3 people on 4 computers. The multi-characters parties acted in perfect unison, especially the nuker party. Every spell cast was cast by each with no delay between them. Nice automation going on there.

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marcysiek, if only it were that easy.  As long as it's F2P the RMTs can instantly create new accounts and be back in business.  That's why the names of the money sellers are constantly changing.  How they get in when everybody else playing for free is stuck in queue is an interesting question, though. 

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21 minutes ago, existenz said:

isn't that your job to ban remove from game rather than leave them doing that all day? @Hime @Juji




What the point to ban something if they can come back again and again ?

They have to find a way first to stop this shit and then they can start to ban them.


BTW I left L2 live because of boting, I play in classic for fun and for enjoying the beginning of a new server but for sure if bot are still there I will leave like before :P

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