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Why are there instanced dungeons in classic giving 37.5mil exp items?

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GoNoles69    7

This is available on Skelth as well, I have done it a few times. It is pretty tough without decent gear, and you must be the one in the "Cata" to kill the mob that I believe lets you into the zone to kill the "boss" that drops the lootbox, who is tough and i think no mobs give xp.


I believe i did the daily around 25 times before getting the xp item, and the items from the loot box were all pretty shitty. 

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Dhol    5

This is not an INSTANCE, it's a DUNGEON. It's the same for everybody, you can pvp there etc. Instance is seperate for everyone. They said they are leaving DUNGEONS in the game, and this is what it is.

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