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One Thing I Don't Understand?(Queue)

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On 11/10/2018 at 6:29 PM, FatHips said:

I am convinced it is 100% intentional game design to multibox, otherwise buffs would be much weaker like they are in WOW.

As an ex Tankadin on WoW, I don't think you understand how powerful buffs are there. xD

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what makes ppl mad is the system that u "have" to pay 5$/5months to play while they say "TRULY FREE"

ok, just put the game by subscription and it's done.

U have to be honest with your clients... The players that didn't buy anything yet will most likely buy something in the future, unless they keep doing this shit

or they raise the player cap, or they make it by subscription

if it continues like that people will just stop playing, and it ruins the game

u can be the nasty type of rich motherfker that says: "yeah, fk you all in the queue, i pay the bills of this server", but if you don't have players to compete with, the game is over to you too

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On 12.10.2018 at 8:35 PM, InVizO said:

better solution is to only allow VIP characters to login while f2p characters wait for problems to be resolvedB| 

paying users were never equal with f2p users, maybe in some cases like League of Legends etc. but not in MMORPG's. hundreds of topics and hundreds of hours wasted in queue in order to save 1 DOLLAR / month :D:D uahahahahhahahaha

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