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43 minutes ago, Arinulis said:

Speaking of what the heck is going on with the whisper system? Why can adena sellers mass whisper the entire server? I got no less than 15 whispers last night from pos adena sellers.

Crazy thought, probably i'm wrong but just a thought , what if adena sellers = server owners? 

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gg to the people that bought 1000 adena for $2 dollars


that means 100.000 = 200 dollars


and if he bought it to many people


maybe he has 1.000.000 for 2000 dollars, but in the beggining of the game


nice way to spend 2000 dollars LOL


i never gonna do something like that, but rich people, i think they did it



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2 minutes ago, Kabala said:

You are surely wrong. This is not your private server you are used with :)


Ya, the ops are different here. It's the same botmasters who were behind L2Walker back in the day. It does not matter to them what protection is in use, if it is an official server, they are here to farm (with no less than a hundred online characters at a time, per server). No form of maintenance/antibot solution has stopped them, that's why Innova uses actual real people (GMs) to combat them - that is their only known weakness, a human that is able to invoke the process of thought.

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