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How to deal with fear


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3 hours ago, Ansuzgardaraiwo said:

I play shillien knight because i like to kill da , but in this chronice without Mental Shield special ability for self buff, how am i gona deal with spam fear ? any thoughts ???

Non.. Just pray to land Lighting Strike before his Fear.

Imma play SK too

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not sure exactly in classic how it works but the only way maybe helps a tiny bit is put dyes +4 wit - int ...

higher wit is supposed to have better resist to curses if "fear" actually counts as a curse...

but even with that dont expect much change i guess..

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I'm drawing a blank right now, but aren't there some dyes that you can't use on a fighter class?

Also, isn't there a weapon SA for mental shield?

Granted all of these are pricey notions. Probably best to hop over to Live and see. (Assuming you, like most people, have a rich tank on Live.)

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