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Unresolved: 'Client Will Close' Issue - 10.11.2018


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The lack of updates on this topic is worrisome.

We get twice in a row a GM stating that they will apply patches and both times they fail to address the issue. Then not only there's no reassuring message from them, but we also get the feeling that Korean devs have simply been notified and will work at their own pace.

Seems like it's a joke but unfortunately it's not.

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Just now, JarGo said:

Maybe go play Aden server and later transfer char to Giran?


Uhmm I guess they won't be allowing character transfer really soon... Probably most of the servers are full of people, it will take a while to see the character transfer in Classic... 

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NCSOFT! Please! Please! Answer! Why you let us waiting in queue and when queue finishes then said "The client will be close"
Wtf! ??? Can we play or not? You want just only our money about VIP? 
I had read on your site in facebook that you will bleep the new client because you are looking only the money.. and now? I'm believing that!!

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