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BOT infestation Talking Island


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It would be much appreciated to start doing something about the massive group of Third Party users that are showing up more and more in Talking Island server. Alot of active players are considering to quit Classic because of it. It's starting to look NCwest can not control any of it. Sadly all within a week after opening of your Classic servers. We all know what happened in the old days, if you don't control any of it. Please act. I don't know what is more worse, login issue's or third party users that impact server stabillity in general.

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i agree they have to do something about that but QUIT because you had some gold seller pm?

cmooooooooooooon... this is stupid.

its like you throw away your tv because movies have commercials in the middle or don't go to a bus stop because there is an advertisement behind you.

noways advertisement is everywhere. illegal or not.

just block it and move on.

server is too good to quit because of this BUT they indeed have to fix this situation of BOTS and BOTTING. 

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