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Effective trio group?


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Hello! 3 of us are going to start playing and we were wondering what were some effective trios.

As of now, we were thinking: 

BP + DA + SpS actives with PP + SE boxes.

But we're open to anything that'd be great, as long as the BP stays as one of the members (since I really want to play that class).

Thanks in advance!

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Sps with single recharger will struggle, switching to sph or necro might help.

BP isn't particularly needed for most pve, so you're mostly just looking for the other two classes to work well together.  DA and mage probably works best if you aoe most of the time.

Otherwise, pp, bd plus either 2 archers or 2 melee (da can be one of those) are strong combos.  Ideally pick one of melee, Archer, mage rather than mix them up.

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