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Login l2 won't let me start the game


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Hello all, i need your help again for my laptop and the problem is this:
After i log in to Lineage 2 and press the play button the game doesnt start, it shows that lineage 2 image but nothing happens. sometimes the screen goes black as if the game starts but closes after few seconds. also l2.bin doesnt show up in the task manager.

The strange thing about this is, i use a computer and a laptop. Both W10 and basicly the only diffrence in my laptop and computer is the hardware. Software based its all the same.
On my computer L2 works perfectly, not a single problem. On my laptop well, thats why i post here. 

I have a support ticket open, but even the support did not found a solution yet.

Here some things i did myself or people asked me to try:
--> Yes, game runs in admin mode, same for launcher.
--> Laptop is clean (fresh windows 10 install)
--> L2 and NCsoft is fully updated and file checks are done more then a few times

--> Game is re-installed 2 times already (also did a FULL DELETE AND INSTALLED IT BACK)
--> Chars are not banned (for the record)
--> Also account is not deleted (for the record)
--> Also disabled my anti virus and stuf.. no diffrence at all
--> L2 is accepted by the firewall also
--> Yes my pc is fully updated also (W10) and is in a good state
--> Also restarted my pc a few times in case you come up with the funny idea telling me did you try turning it off and on again.
--> Re-installed NCsoft program
--> Perfect working internet connection and not a single internet connection problem.
--> Logging in with my other accounts (same problem)
--> Creating a new account is not working. (Same prob)
--> Used vpn to login from diffrent IP (Same prob)
--> DxDiag.txt and LSP.txt added for L2 support in the ticket
--> Preventing programs from automatically starting with windows (NCwest support idea) did not work
--> Repairing Winsocks entries (NCwest support idea) Did not work 
--> Running the game in compatibillity mode (XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista) did not work

If one of you have any options that is not in this list. Please help me by adding them in here so i can try them. 
Thanks in advance

Best regards, 

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I got it fixed, 

For other people who got this problem. Best to check your video drivers one more time. I thought they were oke also. But what i seem to forget (so stupid) I forgot to download GeForce Experience (Nvidia) the special drivers to boost your gaming xD  lol lol.. so stupid :P

But it works now :)

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