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server full of bots and gold seller

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NCSOFT and NCwest in bottlenecks, the server is full of bots, it's extremely frustrating to see an official game full of bots, it's a lot of disrespect for the other players, and worst of all the total neglect of NCSOFT and NCwest that seems to be all conniving with this abominable situation 

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7 minutes ago, Zaphireia said:

i wonder why dont they use the "ip recognition feature" they got to ban those botters for good? xD after all, IP recognition is there for something... right?


Yeah, so people can't log in to your account without having access to your email too.

IP banning is worthless. Nowadays you get a new IP address every time you connect to the network of your ISP in the very big majority of internet packages available to the average consumer.

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