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Too Many Seed Talismans...


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I would like to suggest adding an option at Seed Talisman Manager to exchange excess untradeable indestructible Items like the Talisman - Destruction from the NEW Quests for something useful(but still bound to character) like Energy of Destruction or Event SS/BSS... something we would already have stacked in our Inventory. I don't really want to submit a new support ticket each time I earn a redundant Item on any of my characters.

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Building on the Idea some more:

Replace the Talisman - Destruction from Adventure Guild Quest: Across the Death Line with a NEW Item: Seed Talisman Ticket(bound to character) You can exchange it for Talisman - Destruction 100%, or use it to attempt an upgrade of your existing Talisman(should be low chance to succeed, high chance to remain the same, 0 chance for lower Talisman)

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