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Almost 1 week blocked for my friends, for random billing issue caused by YOUR service, ticket sent at the first minute of the suspension of their account, first answer just 2 days ago from the support who ask random information like they couldnt check earlier or by theirself.

And now again waiting. So because you didnt fix your security program or idk how its working, people are blocked on a rush opening server, and the support need like 1 week to check and answer, and still no solution found because they need 1 week more to really investigating on wtf is going on ? You are spamming this forum saying the support is independant and their will is out of your capacity, but they remain, i guess, from NCSoft company. Can you stop shitting on your community and really try to do something ?

I see many people crying for rate/drop before/after change, for the queue while they just need to pay 5e to play, while my 2 friends spent both 150e for play 2 days, and now being locked for almost 1 week, and of course since they are even banned forum and IP, they cant say anything, anywhere, but waiting the answer from a random guy working for "support" who decide he isnt lazy enough to work today.

Thx to push them a bit, 1 week to send 2 mails isnt normal in any company/country in this bleeping world.
@Hime @Juji
ticket 22102193 and ticket 22076462

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we did the payments at the same time and they got banned for nothing and not me...    Would be Cool if Any GM or ADMIN look this post ASAP ...

2 Players got banned for nothing at all. 

And no answers at all for many days      hello    M. admin  or GM ???




we are Friday  19:20   helllllo ?   any1 home???


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