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hello, I come to report a bug about the allegations of characters and to which the report buff arrives, I was playing normally and I did a restart of the character, when I managed to get in I had the reported buff, without any reason and without any explanation, no I use bots, I do not use any shit program and I have to have a 1 hour buff just because someone happens to report and I did not get any code to complete as there was supposed to be a code when they reported you

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Just now, GrugTheCreat0r said:

El mismo hombre, Iam acaba de disparar fuego en este momento. Pierdo 1 hora con mi cp, debido a un informe falso. 
¿Ya pagué VIP 4 en este servidor por ser acosado de esta manera? Eso es una locura.


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I got reported as well for steal aoe mobs from some randoms and they all reported me and now i sit 1 hour with the shitty debuff. 

Please investigate if the account got reported for botting, and after apply debuff, this system is abused right now by crybabies.

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  • Amraith changed the title to Reported!

I left my dorf shop mode for the night after I come home from work I was even playing and chatting for like 1 hour or so after I restarted into my main character and soon I have logged in I got a pile of messages and the debuf for being reported. How could even a character that wanst logged in be somehow reported?


I open a ticket abd they say the bot report function is working as intended. I asked for scalate higher this issue playing for over 12 years and fighting as mutch I can against use of third part programs I feel a huge disapointment and this have to be addressed asap. Asked them to check when the character was loghed out by the last time and check when it wss logged back when I instantly got the report debuf.


Lets see what they will come with this time. Sadly I keep seing bots around  a lot of places and seen last night a couple players complaining exactly for the same sittuation. 

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