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Best Guide to Beat the Queue


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Many people have asked me how I have been able to login new accounts at-will, I thought I would share the steps I take to successfully login those accounts every day.  Some of these will be old, some might be new to you:

1) Create L2 account

2) Create character on Naia/Chronos, make the character PIN mostly the same numbers (minus 1 or 2 digits, example - 00088000)

3) Wait until 11pm - 2am (GMT-8) pacific time before logging in, this is when the server is most empty and has the smallest queue.

4) When you launch the client, immediately select desired server and wait in queue (if you wait too long at server select it will decrease the time you have to make a character)

5) When you are in the server and allowed to create a character DO NOT spend time making name, class, looks; simply smash a few letters/numbers in for the name and hit OK as fast as possible.

6) Enter your character pin ASAP, this is why we made an easy PIN during step 2.

7) Once logged in with trash character you are now free to restart to character select and spend the time needed to make the character and name you want, I would say you have 3-5 minutes. 

Most people are going to have a problem with the smallest queue timezone, but if you are a free to play account this will be the only reliable option, just make sure to Fish when you are not playing instead of logging out.  For those of you wanting to VIP you can do so on the trash character as soon as you login to the server.

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