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hime or juji respond

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25 minutes ago, LaOrca said:

@Hime u guys gonna do something today about the queue fail today? at least restart the server so bots got dc and more ppl can conect a daily reset is not bad idea to the queue problem is solved. dont u think?

1. No, they got no clue how to fix it.
2. They don't care.
3. Its Friday. Noone cares for work.
4. Everyone is screwed, cuz its even worse after the last update... and...
5. Its weekend already and look up the previous arguments...

THEY. DONT. CARE. understand?

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@Hime honestly if this pack isnt resolved im going to start placing in complaints against ncsoft in every international manner possible i wanted to give l2 a other chance but im getting really mad that this may not even get resolved or maybe by next week after i lose my free time to try and grind and catch up to people 

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