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My 2 cents for the Auction Houses topics..

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Right now I'm facing a 1300 players queue that is SLOWLY moving.. And in the end I'll probably get the 'Your client will be closed'.. 

The actual situation of this game screams for an Auction House system.

I know that AH isn't a thing of oldschool L2 but.. It's plain improvement.. No tons of people sitting in town getting in the way of your clicks to move, no tons of shop bubbles making the town ugly, WAAAY less time consuming when searching for items or trying to see the market price of some item, less chances of a newbie getting scammed by those stupid mat scammers, and the most important, no tons of characters logged in occupying server space.. And to make it similar to having private shops(making you move through towns in search for an item), each town can have an individual auction house(eg: if you place something to be sold in Dion's AH, it won't show in other towns' AH). Not only the shops would free space, but also those who don't wanna log out because they would have to face queue when comming back. The ammount of players doing this seems to be increasing, therefore less space for active players.. These players would free space because we probably wouldn't have queues anymore(at least not gigantic queues), no more reasons for them to leave their characters logged in..

By far the "argument" that I see the most against AHs is that 'It wouldn't feel like old L2 anymore". Yes, I know that people sitting everywhere is part of Lineage 2's history and brings nostalgia, but I think it's genuine oldfagism to ignore the needs just to have something that isn't even helpful in any way.. Right now under this situation, the PROS are much more appealing than the CONS.. Not to mention that QOL changes like these helps attracting more players that never experienced this game, instead of just the old Lineage 2 fanbase.

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It's been about 30 minutes since I started to write the post and my position in queue is 1014. I just read that the game got a new fix for the client closing issue, and also noticed this: 'Queue times may be longer as players will no longer be kicked as they wait.' I can already see the numbers of players not logging off increasing..

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2 minutes ago, ogre said:

are u ppl on something? live has auction house and entire town square of giran is stores too. auction house is great for live, stores are great too. but I prefer stores. 

Are we 'on something' just for proposing not only a logical/QOL change but also something that would help the servers?

At least is just Giran, and tbh I don't know why players still set up stores, Naia didn't had many stores when I used to play(don't know about now), but I know that Chronos have plenty for some reason.

You have all the rights to prefer stores, but saying that I'm 'on something' and not giving any valid point as to why it should be only stores, is kinda odd. :/

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sorry I was tired and grumpy haha.  but still it ruins the immersion of the game, the point is to have to run from town to town to get the good deals, gives opportunity to the stores that the auction house takes away.  some lowbies will buy low spirit ore and sell at a higher tax town, etc etc.  part of the game is economy and searching.  

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