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What Is and Isn't allowed? (Third party software)


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Title says it all. I'm curious what is considered allowed and not allowed. Especially considering the mass amounts of people getting this one hour debuff (myself included on all my accounts) for being reported falsely for botting.

Now I will say I run multiple clients. The terms state 3 clients per pc. I run 3 on my main machine, and one prophet on a secondary computer. I've already dumped over 100 into the game buying each character the $30 pack. Is it possible NC Soft to get a little clarification into what is allowed and what is not? Now we all know logitech, corsair, razer, majority of all large gaming brands offer software for their periphereals. 

Obviously, complete automation (automated looping of macros to allow progress when not active on your pc) is a bannable offense, which I wholeheartedly agree with, as botters completely ruin any game. Anyone who literally makes a loop timed macro with their software and just afk, or straight up uses a bot that reads game data... I severely do hope you get banned. But what about those of us who prefer the convenience of using our software to make our lives a little easier? There is no specific terms listed anywhere on what is allowed. 

Am I allowed to setup a macro on my mouse to alt tab into my second client, and activate an in game macro for following, assisting, etc...and tab back to my main? I don't see a problem with this type of usage...As this literally offers the convenience of allowing less strain on my carpel tunnel. This type of usage requires complete attention, and can not be used for automated play while being afk. I play a few hours after work, and spend my free days mostly playing. I log my clients off when I go to sleep to not contribute to this massive AFK/Slot issue. I don't fish, I just grind when I'm on. 

Some insight into what is allowed and not allowed would be appreciated, as I would rather not walk a tightrope and dance on a grey matter not knowing the true nature of this subject on the TOS. Considering I've already spent quite a lot and plan to maintain my VIP status, last thing I want is to get banned for no reason whatsoever, just due to the fact that their isn't clear terms on what is, and isn't allowed.

Hopefully we can have a progressive discussion about this. But once again, this is the L2 community, maybe I'm asking for too much? =P


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you been restricted for being suspected of using illegals program! 

I do not understand what I was given to the ban I played yesterday with the sham today, and I wanted to get some information for what I got for what I just play I ask the administration WHO somehow explain this situation !!!!
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also they have said that ping reduce programs is not a reason for ban but i heard that people banned for using battleping. We really need a clarification on this.

in Skelth we had official discord and there was gm there (fragola) and some others maybe that where answering things faster.

cant we have an official discord? it will reduce lots of incoming fire to them and will feel not so "corporate" and that we are helpless. 

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