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Let me start saying I'm honestly amazed on how you been managing everything with the release of classic servers. I'm not even mad at this point, I'm completely mesmerized by your wits. The chain of events that lead us to 6 hours queues cant be just a random, and I refuse to believe so.

What am I talking about? Let's see.

  1. "Unluckily" Server released pushed back for hours, from noon to peak time on both main servers (Giran/Talking island, yeah... FU Aden) causing tons of players just to wait to queue up. 
  2. "Casually", mob respawn rates weren't adjusted for a launch, even though everyone knew it was going to be a nightmare.
  3. Since a s***load of players were trying to level up, leveling was so hard that people didn't even notice the Adena rates that "seem to be ok"
  4. Casters tend to level up quite faster than other classes at the start since they can just 1-2 shot everything with bsps, but wait a second. It's not gonna be easy for you either... the quest for the free blessed shots "wasn't working"...oopsy
  5. As soon as players start seeing and understanding something was not right with the rates , they start looking for options and just start doing over and over the same quests (spiders) over and over, making for players extremely slow to get ahead of the curve. 
  6. Those players trying to escape the average already started donating to get dem goods. (xp/ss/etc)
  7. You try to level your buffers but its not so easy to log. Youll "unluckily" get disconected if you get distracted for 0.03ms as soon as the queue hits 0.
  8. So you reached level 20... It wasn't fun, was it? Finally, you got some wide-areas to level at 20... but its just not going to be so simple. Half of the areas that are completely bugged, yielding 100 xp per mob. So you are forced to the same areas from where you are trying to escape. Which areas? Partisan and rod. 
  9. "Casually" you set up a month-long event that rewards players for sitting afk on the same two leveling areas that actually yield some xp...Partisan and Despair. 
  10. Money is extra tight. You enable the fishing dailies, making people perma-fish until something is fixed. (500 baits per day is a LOT of afk fishing). You wouldnt want players sitting afk, right?
  11. You think "Ok, so leveling sucks, money sucks, what do I do If I want to avoid the people?" - CRAFTERS/SPOILERS 
  12. NOPE, spoil rates at 0.1%. oopsy again.
  13. 10 days gone by, you miraculously fixed "everything" just on time for the weekend... but wait... 1400 people queues are a pain, right? -6 hour queues are nothing
  14. Vip status will get you past the queue! Now you will pay for sitting afk fishing/collecting boxes. Just how lucky are we, guys. Just remember it takes about 12 hours to get your coins.

I've NEVER ever seen a company plan so far ahead, step by step. We played exactly how you thought we would, you lead us here. Im honestly, completely impressed with the business strategy. Whats next? XP bonus the longer you stay active so you force players to stay logged and extend the queues? Giran luxury shop not working? Incorrect amout of d-c crystal yield to pump a bit the price of shots?

I just cant wait to see. 

I love you all

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Ya know, I seen a LOT of MMO launches over the years including the original launch for L2 back in 2004. The problems we have had so far really have been quite miniscule in the grand scheme of launches. Only two major issues left impacting the servers are:

1) Server cap is too low for the interest generated in the game. (They probably based it on what numbers they were normally seeing on the live servers and hadn't counted on all the old school players who might want to play again nor those who might want to try it out without the extreme pay to win that current live servers have)

2) The false flagging of accounts for rules violations. I'm sure some are legit, but the sheer number of complaints tells me that something is seriously wrong with the flagging system right now. This many cheaters wouldn't be complaining this vocally.

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  1. The server is open now, stop crying.
  2. Mobs respawn rates is already adjusted but you maybe play first time on classic and u don't know how the normal rates are. (The mobs on this server are far more than retail.)
  3. Adena is okay, and from the last update we got more adena drop than skelth.( So you take more adena right now than normal.)
  4. Quests is fixed and everybody who gets soulshot by false they take 3k bss for free. And casters are not faster at leveling. Archers is and then orcs, mystics or fighters. Both are faster than mages.
  5. The rates are okay, the bad thing is that with the xp boost from the daily gifts and stuff send you to 20 to fast. You should go 20 by far more slow than now, thats why the adena drop rate before 20 looks like shit. But is ok and normal.
  6. More than 60-70% of the server, start with the launce packs, so NO, they ain't purchase now. They already purchase most of them.
  7. When the queue is like 30-40 people, do not distract then, waits until they go zero to log in. Nothing wrongs with this.
  8. Fixed, stop crying.
  9. Sitting AFK is your choice, I am 37 level and everything looks ok, some bug with some mobs at SOME areas, but other areas was okay. Now everything is fine, already 2 days now.
  10. Adena is fine, and from the last patch, the adena is more than normal. We are not x20 server here. Is just x0,6.
  11. Spoil is fine. Some MOBS are bugged, spoil is okay. 1% Spoil drop rate for a certain item is not like 1/100. You will get the same 1% drop rate for each mob you will kill.
  12. This is not fact. 6 Hours queue never happen.
  13. 4 Accounts with purchases, all of them new accounts and all of them get the coins in less than a minute. Maybe on launch day, yes, but after the first day, u get coins normal.

I cant understands why u are so negative, but if u don't like hardcore play - Classic. Go back to something else.

This server is made to be like that, if u cant hold that, leave man.

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