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Inconsistencies in PVP

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Techinally, shield stun is a pure crowd control skill. It is the same category as silence for example.

You can only attack people who are not flagged (or red, or in pvp zone like during sieges, or in 2 sided clan wars, etc, there are a few exceptions) with skills that does damage. The stun of the orc's and dwarf's is a damage skill, that also stuns the target, that's why they can use it on anyone outside of peace zone.

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12 hours ago, geeeeiono said:

I'm a knight I can't shield stun non flagged players, but certain classes can, some orc was able to consistently spam stun me when I was trying to kill mobs and get the mobs to kill me. What gives?

What NBX said but also shield stun is a very powerful skill.  You could just go around stunning somebody and let the mob kill the person for example.  Ya you can do the same with the dorf or orc but they stun % is not as good as shield stun

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