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VIP status question


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4 minutes ago, dopaxe said:

Wake up early and it’s easy to get in to buy your vip . Not hard that’s what I did 

I did. I got a queue of about 450 but then the queue stopped going down after 249. I retried and got a queue of 650, same error later and now it's a 1500 queue.

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3 minutes ago, D4rWiNS said:

How much time is the vip status ? for 1 month , 5 months , forever? Also, how much I need to spend in order to get vip status?

5 dollars and keep spending the coins you get 80/month. It is 1$/month at last

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Oh.. Then in this case ncsoft you'll have my money and please keep this queue so you'll get profit and won't have to add crazy items to ncstore. I like queue, no sarcasm. 1e month to skip it, no problem ncsoft folks, just don't ruin game with your store :)

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