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34 minutes ago, dadam697 said:

Bots spaming Adena sell all around server and we wait on queqe 5 h to log 1500+ on waiting list . why no kick all this tharsh around ..

Bots have been essential part of the l2 economy almost since it came out. And since many many "players" are buying, there is a high demand. Guess we'll prevail?

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we'll not i know, but they have bot report in game and every 5 mins some one wispers sell adena, all those suppose are not ncsoft part so wtf no kick them off. also all those are on software playing afk or all those are afk on fishing or on rb area claiming boxes wtf game is all around trash 

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bots are not essential, get real.  also we can't use the bot button in a peace zone, wouldn't help anyways.  just don't buy from them.  

would like to see a white  chat ban after so many texts/second though holy crap!

nc could just under sell them and make it a no profit endeavor = problem solved.

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