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I see a problem with the PK penalty


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Right now the quest for cleaning PK costs 330 000 adena. And that effectively prevents the PK of griefers - you know, when a higher level solo player with AOE interrupts a gameplay of a lower level party. He is not stronger in the PvP, but griefs the PvE. At the same time on the higher levels that 330 000 will become less significant penalty. So I suggest the cost to vary depending on the level - 330 000 is adequate penalty maybe for 40-50 level players. For 20-30 it is simply insane.

Maybe you made that to support the solo players on the lower levels, but what these people will do on the higher levels? Better make it clear from the start - Lineage 2 is a multiplayer game, not solo and safe like WoW.

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