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to Brazilians who try to play


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Good afternoon we are not having the same rights because we are not able to log in

the company says that it is doing everything else in the noa we are seeing it ne!

We are not able to log in. We are going to have complaints if they can not give us a quality service, they do not offer the service.

pq has many br still that like the l2 of rights for who wants to do the best

Let's go talk and fight so we can get in the game.

Am I trying to log in 3 days ago?

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7 hours ago, airfathaaaaa said:

you literally have aden server tailored perfectly for s.america 

I'm sorry but I think you should inform yourself better, GMT -5 to GMT -2 is South America ... not GMT -8.

GMT -8 is more for the western zone of the United States ...

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