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top NG vs low D


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4 hours ago, Kagami93d said:

hould i aim for a top NG weapon and use that ( i got 4k spirit shots atm)

or should i try to get a low/medium D grade and use no shots

Soulshot damage is +100%
Spiritshot damage is +40%
Blessed damage is +100%

Simple calculation with Warrior 1H Blunt weapon :

Top NG damage = 31, so using SSNG  = 62 damage
With SSNG @7a, you deals 8.857 damage per Adena

Low D damage = 40, so using SSD = 80 damage
With SSD @9 adena, you deals 8.88 damage per Adena

You might think its not worth for D weapon right ?
Lets try to kill monster with 1000 hp with full buff Might Lv1 8% + Warcry 20%, total 30% to make calculation easier.

Top NG will give 80 damage, so use 17 SS = 117 adena. Killing 100 monster for an hour will cost you 11700 Adena
Low D will deals 104 damage, so use 10 SS = 90 adena. Killing 100 monster for an hour will cost you 9000 Adena

Similar calculation for magic weapon and Fish Stew Empower +55% Matk :)

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