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A problem, that will only grow.


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@Juji @Hime

NCsoft should seriously consider adding one more server with a time zone between GMT -5 and GMT -2 and grant free passes to that server.

The problem will get worse, leaving several people resentful of the company.

It is the only real solution, without removing content from the game.

Now even VIP users are queuing up, at the moment that free users manage to enter their accounts and charge VIP. The problem will grow.

I have friends who try for days to buy the VIP to enter. And he does have 4 hours to wait for the game to let him in (hopefully).

It is very serious what is happening.

Apologies if I express myself badly, I hope you understand me.

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I was opening the game , 2032 player in queue ... I said ok, I think I will sleep for 2 h and maby it will log in. Waking up after 3h ... 1062 players in queue :))) that moment you realize you don't have a chance to log in this night :))) pathetic , such a big company not to afford adding 2k players more on server, it's all about some DDR guys, nothing more ;)

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7 minutes ago, marcysiek said:

but they are old...

So, you open a new server with the same schedule as Talking islan, then, if people leave the game, you merge both servers, it's not something they have not done ...

Propose permanent "solutions" for momentary problems?

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