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Turn Off Fishing (Make NCsoft Hear Us )

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At this point we all know that people who run these servers know next to nothing about the game and "proper Lineage experience".

That's why WE, the players, have to take more active role and hope that they hear our massage. 

In this massage, I ask you, the Player to make some Noise!

Personally I already decided to postponed my classic experience till they finally make it right, and start new server that is actually ready for production (and not some ugly fix like they did with Aden) If i see announcement of a new server coming online, and there are no bags on existing once, I'll give it a try. At this point in time, playing here equals to not respecting myself and I try to stick to some standards (though I addicted to lineage, but I only want a GOOD fix and not a crappy one) 

On a topic of queue. The best solution would be to stop fishing. It's that simple.

When AFK fishing was first introduced I was apposed to it, It doesn't add to "lineage experience". It just garbage, but who cares right? If it doesn't really cause any trouble, let this be. 

but here it causes HUGE trouble. and having it in a game at this point doesn't worth it at all. 

Make his massage heard! Spam this thread, and maybe those servers see another day ahead of them :) 

Once again, very simple solution, hope it will be done before next maintenance. 


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  1. It's possible that removing the ability to box more than one extra character and the ability to fish while AFK is honestly, the same.
  2. Some people rely on one or the other to get their extra leg up. You cannot take one without the other. There is no simple fix to this issue, other than a server that can handle the capacity.
  • Perhaps they should open more EU servers, because there seems to be EU people coming here from their servers just for the new server experience. I believe this would lighten the load substantially.


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