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Why is this even happening?

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This is first thread I am creating. Since launch I was able to play on October 6-7 and since then for the first time I connected today for about an hour. I tried to log in each day and the game "politely" popped a message to me to F myself each time. I appreciate that they fixed rates and bug that kicked you out but Ncsoft are the cause of those problems.
When you think now you can enjoy some L2 at last you get to sit in line made out of 2000 people... Are you serious? I made and leveled few characters and I can't change servers now. After work day all I wanna do is some irl stuff and go play L2 to chill but no I can't. I sat here for 30min to see line drop by 100. Nothing changed for me and it might as well be same problem as before.
I am confused by what has happened here and what is happening to this day. I don't understand how experienced employees though it's a good idea to reduce adena rate without adjusting prices when the game was build around certain numbers. Why still there is no increase in player capacity in each server as it's a bit too late to add another server I believe. I am certain that most players won't wait so long to log in into the game as it takes insane amount of time. If this continues what is the point of having a mmorpg game that you are not allowed to play for two weeks. For me currently it is a big trash file on my hard drive and I think it will be for some soon if not already.

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It is happening because most of the players do not want to play, they want to be logged in with as many characters as possible, and of these, 70% are bots, they want to play but at the same time they are not playing, they are killing the server.

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