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Help with XIGNCODE3

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kupuldog    35

Hey guys, I just bought new laptop, my old one is 6 years old so I'm new to new kind of laptops. It's MSI laptop, I just installed l2, waited this queue just to be kicked out because of XiGNCODE3 message. I'm wondering what could have caused it, I saw on specifications it has some programs for keyboard macros, but as I checked they weren't installed or they are under different name than in the manual (SSE or Steel series), manual also says it has to be downloaded and installed, I haven't done it. Any1 encountered this problem and could help me? 
P.s. I was able to log in into aden server. So the error is kinda faulty, as it found nothing at 3rd and 4th times. 
Afraid to get ban without knowing something about laptop.

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