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I'm done with Classic.

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I do not plan to put a single dollar more on the server ... they proved not to be up to the circumstances ... My friends have no interest in getting frustrated to enter to play, they do not want

Then don't read it. Bye.

We need an urgent response. There is no way to allow 5 hour queue

3 hours ago, existenz said:

60% are bots?

give evidence or don't spread false numbers because people that want to play this game read forums.

i have played since start and every single person that i have spoken answered me and it was human talk.

Bots don't talk, so how do you came up with this 60%?

Also i have 2 accounts not 3 and i have met some people that have 1 account.

Fanboy... pfff, i hate retarded people.

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Sharlanna i seen you in Chronos many times and i know you cant stop playing this game.

Best thing to do is take a break for like a 2 weeks and come back fresh. Trust me even if you start in 1 month from today you will easily catch up.

Also before i close, from all the people since we play on the live server you sould have been more mentaly prepared since we know how bad ncwest can screw.. Anyway if you go more lightheaded with no crazy goals you"ll have a blast and enjoy it more.

Hope to see you back soon

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So I'm still kinda confused after reading through this.  What were your expectations with classic?  You're mad that SS/sps is in the store?  Ok, what if it wasn't; would you still be quitting?  Are you mad because you believe that you have to use bsps?  NG sps is easily accessible in-game.  I mean IDK; you literally picked the absolute most bsps dependent class in the entire game AND, you are unwilling to level any type alt/support (hi dwarves) to help augment the operating cost of the class YOU CHOOSE.

Honest question; what did you expect from classic?

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Haha the daily rewards are pretty terrible. With the new adena rate man you should be able to afford shots no problem. Hop on Aden and try to enjoy the game. I believe NCSoft in the near future will be transferring VIP statuses or some type of compensation. Otherwise, you gotta quit or deal with a messed up queue til it’s fixed.

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